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Runner Scott Jurek is trying to break the world record for how completing the Appalachia Trail and I think he's absolutely lost it for trying to do this!! The previous record was somethig like 45 days, 11 hours, 17 minutes to cover the more than 2,000 mile trail. He has to average 50 miles per day to beat that, and so far he's averaging around 49.4 miles per day.
I really shouldn't call him just a runner. He is one of the world's best ultra runners! I mean, can do a 20+ mile days if I push myself, of course, but to do that every day for the entire course? That's nuts. He's an awesomely dedicated guy.
He's already in Maine, and according to this tracker he's got just over 200 miles left to cover, meaning he will probably make it. He apparently pulled a quad muscle early on too but he's got PT training, so he was able to handle it.
His wife and friends are helping him with trail support--meeting up with him to bring food and more, which is typically a huge part of the AT hiking culture as you have to resupply.
I can honestly say this is one of those times when you admire something, while having absolutely no urge to emulate it.

Let's go Scott!!!

You can follow his journey on his FB here.