I accepted @poojas "K-drama Challenge" and can I say thank you for the challenge... this one is mine. A battle between the main lead and the other leads (second and/or third leads). Who would take first place in this sexy, messy battle? F.Y.I- This is totally biased, so don't hate me if you don't see your favorite actor here, and there were others I wanted to put on the list but I decided to make it fun and interesting!
10.) Lee Pil Mo - Other Leads Lee Pil Mo is in his late 30's, but he still handsome, and knows how to keep things under control. He has been the Second Lead, 3rd Lead, and even a "HOT looking Teacher, you would like to have in class". He starred in Emergency Couple, Pinocchio, Who Are You: School 2015.
9.) Song Joong Ki - Other Leads I only saw him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I don't know about you, but I shipped him more with the Second Lead "Yoo Ah-In" because of the great friendship they had, or do I just call it "Bromance". He made me feel like smirking, winking and twirling is a "MUST DO" thing.
8.) Lee Hong Ki - Main Lead Lee Hong Ki has acted as Second/Third Lead to Main Lead. He was so dang adorable and cute when he acted in "You're Beautiful" as Jermy, but when he acted in "Bride of the Century" as Choi Kang-Joo, I was so taken back about his serious role, and cold-hearted character, but I really liked it. He also acted in "Modern Farmer" as Lee Min Ki and it was hilarious but the end was confusing.
7.) Kim Sang Bum a.k.a Kim Bum - Main Lead I love how he acted in "Boys Over Flowers", all cute and the mystery behind his character, In Padam Padam he was so sexy, but I'm currently watching a new drama with him in it called "Hidden Identity", and OMO! I Love It, it is amazing, specially that new rough style, and mean look he has... I'm like "rawr!"
6.) Park Min Woo - Other Leads He is so cute, and I love how he behaves around Noonas like in "Modern Farmer" and "Flower Boy Ramen Shop"... I can't resist his aegyo, and that dimple. I love that he can also be serious when it matters.
5.) Kim Soo Hyun - Main Lead Producer, Dream High... My Love From Another Star. How can you not love this guy? He has the potential to bring you to tears. He is handsome, and cute (I think I said that a lot). I think I like the transition of characters he has played, I mean from high schooler to a Crown Prince to Alien to a clumsy producer.
4.) Jang Geun Suk - Main Lead He is just a great actor, no doubt about that, the first time I saw him it was in a Korean movie called "You're My Pet" and he played a good role as a pet. I saw him in Pretty Man, and Love Rain, but the one he stand out the most was You're Beautiful, and I just felt in love with his character.
3.) Kim Tae Pyung a.k.a Hyun Bin - Main Lead Hyun Bin is the reason why I love Korean dramas and movies. I didn't know what K-dramas or movies were, and that's when in 2011, I watched my first Korean movie called "A Millionaire's First Love" and it had me to tears, broken, and in pain. I was so into that movie that I have watched it over 10 times. Anyways I loved Hyun Bin since then and decided to go into the world of K-dramas & movies. I have watched Hyun Bin in Secret Garden, and Hyde, Jekyll and Me. °FT°
2.) Lee Jong Suk - Main Lead He is one of the best actors I know and I loved him in "I Can Hear Your Voice". He always portrays a strong character, and has amazing acting skills. I'm glad one of my friends introduced me to this drama, because it was one of the best. I also love his other dramas Pinocchio, Doctor Stranger, School 2013, and Secret Garden; Hot Young Bloods too. I think I like his acting so much that I have watched most of his dramas.•3•
1.) Kim Hyun Joong a.k.a Kim Woo Bin - Other Lead (Also known as the Eyebrow man) OMO, WAAAAAEEEEE? WAAAAAAEEEE? I want him to be the main lead in a Korean drama, but in Heirs as the Second Lead it left me wondering why would the series producer hate us. I love how in real life he is bestfriends with Lee Jong Suk, a real and true bromance and it shows in School 2013. I have watched two movies he starred in named The Con Artists (or The Technicians), and Twenty. TT^TT ❤
1st Place Winner: Kim Woo Bin- Other Lead 2nd Place Winner: Lee Jong Suk- Main Lead 3rd Place Winner: Hyun Bin- Main Lead *Lead Title Winner: Other Lead* See it's not always the main lead, but they are too much for me to handle. The Challenge link: http://www.vingle.net/posts/924600?shsrc=v
yay! and thank you, and yes I saw yours this morning, and I loved it too, I was like Yassss, Woo Bin, babe!
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