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How is it decided who gets a community? I think Ji Chang Wook should have his own community. I loved him in "Healer" and it was announced that he will star in a crime action film along with Shim Eun Kyung...if he has a community please let me know!!!
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Thank you for agreeing @kvnguyen
Community? no. hive this hot man a country!
I really loved him healer because of the comedy and romantic scenes in it and the kissing scenes as well i fell madly in love with him so much and his song from the movie馃憚馃拫馃挀馃挄馃挅馃挆馃挊馃挐馃挒馃挓
@GoldenV Haha I'd give him a country too @ThaoSamantha omg I loved when he would play the shy guy at work and then suddenly turn all badass. I hope to see him in another drama real soon!
@GoldenV I know right i so love his songs in the movie called healer