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Kpop is life!!!

I have actually been a fan of Kpop ever since about the year 2008, which is when i was 8 years old
The first group i was introduced to was Girls' Generation, or SNSD, which is the initials for their Korean name. I am stkll sad about about Jessica leaving though.
one of my two favorite groups of all time would have to be F(x). If I had to say a reason why they are, is because of the way they present themselves I guess. Amber Liu is also my female bias of Kpop. I'm won't be suprised if Sulli really does leave F(x) though, she never showed uo for the SMTOWN tour or the F(x) Baskin Robbin's commercial.
My second favorite Kpop group is NU'EST. No real reason to be exact, but I love how they all have the manly mode of them, and then the cutie pie mode of them, espeically with Ren, A.K.A Choi Min-Ki. Ren is my male bias of Kpop, and i love how he is such a cutie pie. I hope these guys release some new songs here pretty soon, I can't hold anymore excitment in waiting for them. Favorite songs are Beautiful Ghost & Face
I hope everyone can realize Kpop's worth one day and love it just as much as i do :) <3 I love all you kpoppers and hope you stay on top of everything Kpop, okay?? Getit, got it, good!!
i love Big Bang!! i got introduced to the music in 2010. Kpop is all i listen to now. Jiyongie oppa saranghae <3
NU'EST!! So glad to have another NU'EST fan here~~~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I love Nu'est!!! I'm crossing my fingers for a comeback soon too. Have you heard their Japanese single NA NA NA??
Nu'est!!! @PassTheSuga I'm hoping for a comeback soon as well ^^
That's so awesome, I wish I had gotten into Kpop earlier but it's only been about a year ~T_T~= ̄ω ̄=
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