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Always Bias XD So my Drama Love is many lol I have narrowed down some but I have lots more =P Thanks to @poojas for setting the challange!

Park MinWoo

I fell for him hard in Modern Farmer, he was so sweet and dat smile! Then I saw Flower Boy Ramen Shop and OMO he was so adorable! So safe to say I love his characters!

Ji ChangWook

Healer, just Healer. It is so great and it you don't love him in Healer then you're a liar. End of story.

Joo Sang-wook

His cute laugh gets me every time. His goofy characters are always so him entertaining to watch. Cunning Single Lady made me love him and Birth of a Beauty is just the same. He was great in Good Doctor but he was serious so I missed his light hearted roles. He has a drama going now but I haven't got to start it yet. His silly side is what I love though =]

Lee Minho

He is like the drama king and I have not been spared in his take over haha I love him in all his dramas but Heirs and Boys Over Flowers have a special spot for me.

Yoon Shi Yoon

I can't wait for him to finish his military time and make more dramas! He is so cute in Flower Boys Next Door ^^

Choi Minho

My UB in anything haha I loved him in To The Beautiful You and I cant wait for his first movie role to come out. He was also just cast in a new drama sooo YaY! so excited XD

Lee Hongki

I for real love everything he does. He is so real which I think gives lots of apeal to his fans. He is a great actor and I bias him so hard in FTIsland >.< He was so cute in You're Beautiful and then Modern Farmer is so goofy and funny. Then flip to Bride of the Century and he is so serious haha He can do it all and his OST for dramas always get me in the feels!

Park ShinHye

She is just too cute and I love her XD She is my favorite actress hands down. It started with You are Beautiful and went from there. She is great in Flower Boys Next Door, Heirs and well anything she is in XD

Choi Jin Hyuk

He is just... the best. He was my 2nd lead love in Fated To Love You and then he got a lead role in Emergency Couple and I could watch him in that over and over. His character in Heirs is great even if the ending hurts my soul lol. He needs to finish his 2 years fast a d and come make more lead dramas for me! He is so cute and manly I just love it. You should look up his wake up calls just saying.

Kim Woobin

Woooooobbbbiiiiiinnnnn! He is my UB of actors I really just love his acting so much. Also he is an adorable dino and I want to hug his face. His smile is just Ahhhhhhh. His actor BFFs are adorbs too. He was a model, I mean look at those legs. So anyway watch his stuff cause its great. Heirs, School 2013, Hes got a spot in To The Beautiful You and gets Minho to take his shirt off so bonus! haha His movies are great too! Technicians and Twenty are two of my favorite movies ever. Soooo go Woobin! ^^
So that's it! I put more time into this than I should of but I got lost in each Bias as I made it lol Give feed back or tell me your favorite!
@danidee same haha but I said Id watch the first one I was suggested and I'm a woman of my word so hoping it get a bit more upbeat or ill have to start something happy to watch with it lol
@danidee IT IS SO SAD! My heart still hurts but I'm hoping when they move to their kids lives it will be happier XD it starts out in the 70 with the parents and it hurts my soul haha
card* Stupid phone
@danidee I put up a cars yesterday asking what to watch and love rain was the first mentioned so Im almost done with episode 4. New airing dramas I'm watching are mask, oh my ghostess, and the time I loved you, 7000 days
@danidee I Know ahhh I need to watch roommates but it would take up my drama time XD
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