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Pull a magazine off the shelf or look on social media, but you will see a picture of the half shaved look. This summer try a new look without drastically shaving your hair off. This is quick, easy, looks great, and lets you keep your hair.
Part your hair off-center. Tightly french braid the smaller section straight back then down around your ear. You can either tie it off with an elastic when you have incorporated all of the hair from the small section, or finish the braid. When you are done braiding you can either pin it under the larger section, behind your neck, or let it hang behind your shoulder with the rest of your hair. French, Dutch, and fishtail braids all work for this! Enjoy.
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You look stellar with this hair!
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Alright, trying this sometime for sure!!!! I love how it looks with long hair though I need to grow mine hahaha
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