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I just wanted to make this to show my love and appreciation towards BTS. Ive been into BTS since their "Danger" era (sadly I wasn't with them in the beginning) but I knew that I was really going to like them. All their songs have a meaning and I think that that is a very important detail in a kpop group. Though having fun songs here and there is a good thing too The whole group has inspired in many ways. A message to each member: Rap Monster, he always tries his hardest even if he is not the best in that thing and that inspires me to try my hardest as well. Jin, he is the oldest but that doesn't take away his spirit and ability to do the things that the younger members do and that inspires me to keep working at what I am bad at to become better. Suga ,many people dont consider him the most inspiring but that doesn't mean he hasn't inspired someone out there, he can rap, dance and sing very well also. J-Hope, I love to dance but I suck at it and J-hope has inspired me to keep practicing even if I am bad at dancing because he is such an amazing dancer along with the rest of BTS. Jimin , he has no jams but he has abs for days and that inspires me too keep working out because i can be as skinny and as fit as him one day. V/UB , V has inspired me to do many things wether it be from being true to yourself and living the dream you want to live to just being a kind and funny person. JungKook, he is the youngest and he inspires me because even though some people judge him by his age he can still do the things that the older members are doing. Each member inspires me in a different way, if not in a slightly similar way. Bts is amazing and they always will be. Through all the ups and downs and hard moments I will support BTS fully. BTS FIGHTING!! Sarangheyo!