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november of 06 i had my daughter so by december of 06 i got that big 199lbs to be exact. i worked my ass off to get where i am at today 147lbs. im so proud of myself i did it for me.
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Wow, that's a huge achievement! That very awesome. Congratulations. I know how hard it can be to lose weight. It's always so inspirational to see people who work very hard to get to their goal. ^_^
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Congrats! You look great.
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alywoah thank you yes it was difficult especially to find the motivation to do it lol. jordanhamilton thank you very much ☺
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Congrats. I'm currently struggling with weight after having my daughter. You definitely motivated me to work harder. Thanks.
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loftonc16 you're very welcome. you can do this. all u have to keep telling yourself is "I got this."
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