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For those of you going to KCON LA 2015, make sure to stop by the Running Fan Activities Corner!! Running Fan is a fanclub dedicated to Running Man!! This year we are bring back Giant Jenga, Name Tag Elimination and more!! the photo above is a sneak peak of our limited edition and first kcon shirt, if you want to buy one go to our merch/info table and shirts are only $20 cash and $22 card via square !!! be sure to get them,. we will be at kcon all three days!! if you want to follow us on sns be sure to check us out facebook: facebook.com/groups/kconrunningman twitter: @runningfanworld instagram: @_runningfan
This is pretty cool! I love Running Man! I started watching a year ago and I'm caught up on all the episodes. Always nice to see other Running Man fans! Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near LA but I would totally go to this if I could. What do you guys usually do in the fanclub?
@poojas we do a lot of games. similar to running man style but we also add our own twist. sometimes we make it worse or make it easier. we hold events and usually there is always a prize like a cd or DVD or something. but usually each event has a theme and we match the prize to go with that theme. in Jan we held an event and the prize was a round trip to korea! flight and room were paid for by our dearest friend and chingu in seoul!
That sounds like a lot of fun! Please make a card about how the event goes once it's done if you can :)