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This song, Love Blossom (러브블러썸) is one of my absolute favorite K.will song. This song is perfect to listen to in the spring, but can be listened to anytime! It has a soothing sound ~
This song is called " I need you " ( 니가 필요해) K.will's voice is beautiful in this song. I don't even have words to describe
Lay Back by K.will is an amaaziing song! plus, this performance is my favorite of his ^^
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yes @kookiebyu it is so soothing such a great artist
2 years ago·Reply
@bvvue i agree 100% ! hes so underrated
2 years ago·Reply
I know he is. how did u know him? kookiebyu
2 years ago·Reply
@bvvue i honestly can't remember how i found him...but i remember my first song of his i absolutely love was love blosson! how about you?
2 years ago·Reply
sadly I don't rmbr too but I just like him prob a yr or 2 ago so it hasn't been that long but I love his songs
2 years ago·Reply