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*Guys~here's vietnamese recap;) http://www.vingle.net/posts/92590 SY comes back to Harry, "Hyeong Jun, u really don't know who made ur legs like this?" Harry cries, hugging her. "Hyeong Jun, you really don't know?", she asks. "I don't know. I know nth. I'm scared..", he cries. Harry was hugging SY, and at the moment JW comes in. Harry suddenly says "Joi, I knew you would comeback." JW wants to talk with SY but she refuses saying she has sth to talk with Harry. "Are u pretening u don't know who hurted ur leg and killed ur mom?", she asks. "Do u think I'm pretending I don't know? If I knew, I would kill him.", he says. "Do not behave like this. U're not like Harry..I feel scared..", she says. "U also said u wanna kill ppl who made u like this. U're the one who has changed. Stay next to me until I find him. Then I will let go to the place u wanna go.", he says. JW says SY how he quit his job. "Ah, btw I go to my home tmr. I will tell u later.", JW says. SY asks "JW, what's like ur father?" JW says "He likes only money. I feel pity of him.." "Don't feel sympathetic of me from now on. Whenever u wanna cry, visit me. I will be here for u.", SY says. Next morning, JW's co-worker is investigating who invaded SY's office in the night. And JW comes into his home to investigate TJ. "I'm doing right thing, right? If I know sth from my father, it will be related with him..but I will try to do my best." "I came home. Hello.", JW says. But their parents doesn't feel pleased with it. TJ says "Now u r trying to be my son?" JW says "I'm not trying to be..I am." In the meanwhile, Harry(Hyeong Jun) is talking with his friend, Harry. "Harry, I will see directly. I will miss u alotz. Thank you..", Harry (Hyeong Jun) says. JW begins to search traces in his home. Then he sees his aunt. (She's Harry's mom, but JW doesn't know it.) At that moment, TJ comes in. "Do not try to sth wrong in front of me. U would know I'm the only person u can rely on.", he says to JW. SY's mom worries of JW. Then JW's co-workers says JW went back home. EJ asks him "When did u know Joi is SY?" But he says "I can't be sure still..And even if she's SY, you must not criticize him. He went back home to find out all things about ur father's death, SY's kidnapping and SD, SC's murdering. He even can accuse his father." JW visits SY, "Now I'm gonna stay with u, so I will give it back to you." It's SY's diary. JW makes fun of her, "I could keep living thanks to this diary. SY, plz love me as u wrote in this diary." TJ's is doing business and his secretary calls with Harry. "Yes, I will do as u ordered.", he says. While TJ is staying outside, Harry visits his home secretly to see his mom. JW's telling SY why he went back home. "Ahm and my aunt who is staying in my home..she's not my aunt actually." Then JW shows her pic. Seeing the pic, SY notices she's Harry's mom and reminds of what Harry said. He said to SY "If the person who hurted me has son, I would hurt his son as he did." SY says "JW, I want you to stay away from this incident.." Then she calls Harry, but he ignores it continually. JW visits the man who helped him to find SY when he was young. JW says "I know my father is related with this incident. So plz tell me if u know sth about it." In the meanwhile, Harry is in TJ's home. He sees his mom is in a room. "Mom..? Mom..I'm Jun..Hyeong Jun..I'm Hyeong Jun who u love the most in the world. Mom..", Harry cries. Then she gets crazy, crying "Call Han Tae Jun..!" Harry gets shocked, seeing it. At the moment SY comes in and comforts Harry. JW is looking the datas which the man collected. There are Harry and his aunt's pic. JW finally notices Harry is Hyeong Jun. In the meanwhile, Harry cries "It was TJ who made me like this. My mom even doesn't recognize me. What do u think I'm gonna do now?" SY says "I knew TJ planned all things. You also knew it." At the moment, JW apears in front of him. "You haven't changed at all since 14 yrs ago.." Preview of Ep.17) SY says "The things I'm saying is all lying..I think I got crazy.." At that night, seeing her mom, she says "mom..I will be back soon this time." JW says SY "Do not runaway from me even if u die." SY says "I won't even die without u."
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