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Daesung is me, and the hand-heart-love he is spreading around is my love and utter fascination for kpop. This picture accurately represents me today, it is my duty as a kpop enthusiast and lover of all magical korean stuffs to share! share! and SHOVE KPOP DOWN PEOPLES THROATS!!! *lol jk, kinda
Now, I feel a bit special because I actually know the exact day kpop burned down my life and a new me rose from the ashes. Febuary 27, 2010. (I wasn't joking) Memory lane》》I was a make up and beauty lover, one of my fav. gurus was Bubz beauty on youtube. One day she made a hair tutorial, from which she got the inspiration from Sunny in SNSD's Oh! MV. Unbeknownst to Bubz, that day, she had created a monster.
I went ahead and clicked the link she provided, curiosity getting the best of me and was slapped in the face with amazing, goddess-like girls!! The synchronized choreography, the outfits, the hair, and the make up were too much for me to handle. Everything was perfect. Never had a video impacted me as that one. The chorus stuck to my brain, and to this day it hasn't unglued.
I was flabbergasted and completly in awe. I had to find more! I clicked another video in the recommendations bar, it was 2NE1's Fire. It made me feel complete, the fierceness and street style was more to my liking. 2NE1 was exaclty what my soul was searching for, BUT.. I just had to click another video and BAM!! My heart was claimed.
I watched BIG BANG LIES first and I just had tears in my eyes, even though I couldn't understand the words, the song spoke to my soul. The video itself wasn't as visually appealing as Oh! or Fire but the music is what did the job. I then watched Haru Haru and I must say it was fun, like the girl murdered the guy with a freakin' pineapple! Who does that?!
To this day these five men, have my heart. I dont want to say I'm a hardcore VIP (but I have heard ALL their songs) My dream is to meet them all in person. Post your Kpop story!! How did you meet kpop? I'd love to read people's stories.
Welcome to the Community! I made this card with my intro to Kpop ages ago, here's the link :) http://www.vingle.net/posts/627934?isrc=v
omg I love your story! I was sucked in by a freak accident on YouTube too^^