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I'm being serious when I ask this question. How does a doctor knowingly misdiagnose and treat over 500 patients for cancer...that they ever had? I know I shouldn't be surprised that people will act so lowly in the name of money and fame, but still. Did he really believe this was going to work out for him in the end?
For those who haven't heard about this, here's the TLDR:
Dr. Farid Fata was arrested in 2013 for health care fraud after reports by a visiting nurse and former doctor at his office pointed out that he was harming, not treating, patients. Prosecutors are seeking to charge him with 170+ years in prison. He admitted to the crime, saying he made millions from insurance companies for needless treatments at seven clinics in eastern Michigan.
So we know he did this. I'm not questioning that.
I'm questioning how he was able to pull this shit off. Did people really believe him so blindly that they took so many treatments without another opinion? Without anything being cross confirmed?
Did he really manage to keep things so secretive within his case files that nobody until those two healthcare professionals spoke up realized it?
How, world, HOW did that happen! Redditor suggest he's a sociopath. I suggest he's a piece of shit who doesn't know what it means to really, truly be a doctor. Because he is no doctor in my mind.
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so much for "first do no harm"
oh my god that's so awful!
@drwhat I feel like he's more sorry for the fact that he was caught out on it, and sorry that his life is over, not osrry for ruining other lives.
@alywoah @VinMcCarthy Yeah. He was officially charged with 45 years. Considering he's 50 yo now, I don't think he'll be coming out anytime. He was crying on the stand and apologizing for all he's done wrong but I don't honestly believe he gets it.