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Fishtail became my summer staple this year. The reason? It's pretty simple to do and it makes me feel like a mermaid. Although, I wish my hair is a little longer to achieve the look better. If you have the length, go for it!

1. Chunky French Fishtail Braid

The hairstyle featured above is one of my current favorite. The fishtail starts at the front hairline and extending to the end is a great way to keep those hair off my face. Scroll to the right for a video tutorial!

2. French Girl Fishtail

Same concept as above accept the focus is on the back. Start from the crown and bring the braid all the way to the end and secure it with an elastic.

3. Fishtail Side Ponytail

This one will look amazing on ombre or sombre hair because it brings out all the coloring detail through the braid. Also, wear this hair to the gym to keep you cool and breez-zay.

4. Half Up Fishtail Braid

For a delicate and simple style bring only half of your hair up into a fishtail braid.

5. Loose Fishtail Braid

Bring it back to the classic with a relaxed style. Start the braid at the nape and pull it to the side. Pull out bits of hair for soft finish.

6. Fishtail Ballerina Bun

Bring your hair up into a ballerina bun while leaving a section for the fishtail braid. Twirl the finished braid around the bun and pin it to place.

7. Fishtail Messy Bun

Similar method as above but gently pull out the braids and put it in a messier bun for a disheveled look.
So you must have mastered it. I can't even get my hair even twisted the same on both sides. LoL... But I LOVE fishtail braids when I see them done right. These, that you posted, are beautiful!
@HairConfetti my braid always falls down when I do a French braid... Do you have any tips for me?
LOVE This 馃槏馃槏馃槏
@ChristinPierce Which hairstyle are you referring to?
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