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Heh, funny thing, I realized that i didn't really explain my love for japanese and korean entertainment, which I think is actually an important thing to do in this case xD. So without further a do, my K&J Obssesion story ( i promise ill try to keep it as short as possible )
Well first of all, if not made completely obvious i am a really weird and dorky person. BIG TIME. Being a weird dork just makes me 10,000 times better though sooooo (insert shrug here). I didnt really discover my K&J Obssesion until 6th grade, and up until then, truthfully, i despised it all
Yup its true, i hated it all, but if it wasnt for one person, i would have never even given this world a chance. In the sixth grade i thought everything was stupid, except for what i was used to. At the time i was just getting used to moving since it was my families 4th time moving and i didnt want to start anything new with people because i was scared, well, to be hurt.
My family decided to move out of my home state, New Jersey, after my mother and i got in a terrible car accident, then we moved to Georgia, moved around there several times and boom there i was in a new school in the middle of the semester in sixth grade. I was scared of everyone, but i made friends. It was always the same for me, meet and greet then say good bye, which REALLY sucks after a while. Well one day im on my way to english like always when i see all these boys reading manga during our reading time. I asked loudly "why do guys read thise stupid comic books, they are a waste of time and dont teach you anything"
I have repented for my sins. Trust me. When i said these terrible words a boy i wasnt very aquainted with named Cameron came up to me and said "well have you actually read a manga before"? I said no and he walked into the class, gave me the first volume of Naruto and told me to read it before i judged. I felt bad so i gave it a chance aaaaaaaaannnnd!!!!!
Obviously i loved it!!!! I couldnt fathom the awesomeness that i held in my hands and i knew i had to read more. So Cameron became really close friends and he introduced me to all these anime and manga websites, and thats all we talked about non stop. He moved away suddenly and i didn't get to say good-bye properly , but he left me with something amazing that changed my life and hopefully i can thank him for that someday.
*sniffle* Moving onward. After being introduced to this exciting new world i decided that Cameron couldnt show me everything i had to explore on my own which i did. I found so many interesting animes and mangas at the time but what actually broadened my mind was the live action Death Note movie.
I watched all the movies first and then i watched the anime. Both were AMAZE-TASTIC, but watching the live action showed me that i really like japanese dramas and movies. Getting into that and watching all those different types shows and movies also opens your mind to the culture, which i also started to love.
I fell in love with the culture, the language, the entertainment, and everything else involving Japan. When i got deeper into the music side of Japan i accidentally came across a certain music video that definetly changed my world.......
YESSSSSSSS Fantastic baby was my gateway to the good life. Link after link i followed watching all the funny 30 second to 30 minute videos i could find on them, and then i found another video that compared T.O.P's appearance to a certain actor.....
LEE MIN HO!!!!!! I fell in love on sight and i then discovered that he had been in a drama that was a remake of a japanese drama that just recently watched....BOYS OVER FLOWERS!!!!!! thank god i had netflix at the time because i binge watched that show like it was my job. Then i got into different dramas on netflix, which led me to different actors and actresses, which led me to a whole ocean full of korean dramas, movies, and reality shows that i still have not explored completely yet.
During this time i was going through middle school, moving back up to New Jersey, ALOT of family and friend issues (which still goes on today), and trying to understand what i want in life. Watching japanese and korean dramas always helped to comfort me, but it never fully took my mind off things. Japanese language and culture was a BIG part of my life. When i got into highschool i finally understood that i had 1. a HUGE thing for acting (was in the musical all 3 years of highschool and im about to make it 4)
(^^^^im over on the right chuckin the deuce in my crisp white shirt xD) and 2. that i have a deep passion for japanese....EVERYTHING. I went to my teacher with this information and she told me that i could actually go to college for those two things if i wanted, and that i could actually make a career with thise things if i wanted to. Thats when i realized. There is one guy who is responsible for all this, for convincing me to give the japanese world a try before i demean it. If he is ever able to see this or i get to see him, i hope that he will understand how grateful i am to him forgiving me the push i needed to lead me to a bright future. I constantly study japanese now and i study korean as well when i can. I frequently watch korean and japanese dramas and movies, because my addiction aint goin no where
Im glad that i am apart of this world, and that i can keep it in my life and be involved with it constantly.
Thank you for reading my SUPER LONG story. If you didn't read all of it thats fine, it was ALOT to read, but i appreciate you giving it a look over in any case β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ thank you everybody.

Lol and until next time~

* i do not own any of the pictures, gifs or videos in this post all credit goes to those who created these beautiful pics, gifs, and vids.*
@timeturnerjones don't hug them for a while, they might turn back XD
@MattK95 I have had the strangest relationships with my pets since then.....always wondering what they really could be haha
@timeturnerjones ahh l love fruits basket ^^
OK so i totallllllly get the manga part of this, lol!!! I did the same thing!!! Totally rejected "those weird comics" until I was housesitting some family friends' pets and then bam! ended up reading all of elemental glade, all of fruits basket....and haven't stopped since hahahaha
@MattK95 @zellie15 @kpopandkimchi @poojas thank you so much for saying these wonderful things xD
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