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i'd suggest watching it if you still haven't.. it's a nice drama.. makes me nostalgic though i never had bullies in school... but the kinda pressure the teachers and students face is something we all can relate to.. i remember my days when i had to take up college.. there was a mad race among people and parents used to think that something below 85% was disgrace.. but what we went through was something not many understood.. when i was in school.. i didnt like going to school much either.. but at times today i miss those days.. because it's not about the marks i got but the memories i made! Warning: might bring you tears!
anytime sweety!
thanks...i`m feeling happy!! glad to hear it..keke
nd then i'd be praying for you!
I hope`re welcome friend..well,next year I`m gonna face my exams and lots of presentations`s it`s you and next year it`s me who suffer..haha
thanks a lot..hope god hears you! i have exams and presentations..omg
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