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How many times do you watch (marathon) your favorite Kdramas and wish you were one of those characters? Maybe you have wished you were Hyun Bin's love interest in Secret Garden or Sung-Yeol's shoulder to cry on in High School Love On. If you could be in any Kdrama which one would it be?
I'd be Eunji's character in Reply 1997. Loved by Seo in Guk, Hoya's best friend, and gets to grow up to work in the Kpop/Kdrama industry!
if I could be in any Kdrama it wound be The Master's Sun I would be Tae Gong Shil because I ♡ Joo Joong Won ( So Ji Sub my #1 ♡)
school 2013 and boys over flower and be the lead role girl
I would be in School 2013. I'd probably be one of the students and join the the Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk group. I get to see all the bromance in person and hang out with the dorks, nothing better than that haha :D
Boys over flower ,because I repeated her independence and his love for her ,coffee prince because well it's really believable