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Hillary Clinton has been in the political scene for a while, which means she's been a target of SNL for just as long. Over the years, she's had plenty of SNL cast member impersonate her including Amy Poehler, Vanessa Bayer and now Kate McKinnon.
Yesterday during a CNN interview, Hillary herself was asked which of the impressions she liked the best. Like any presidential candidate, she responded diplomatically:

"Amy is a friend of mine and Kate is doing a good job. You are not going to get me to pick. I think I’m the best Hillary Clinton. I’m not looking for ratings – I’m looking for votes."

Nicely handled, Hillary.
She might not be able to choose a better impression, but I can.
I love Amy Poehler with all my heart, but I think Kate McKinnon make the perfect Hillary Clinton jokes. She's intense and has the worst case of crazy eyes, but the impression hilariously pokes fun at Hillary Clinton's long-time desire to be president.
I also get a kick out of the fact that Kate impersonates both Justin Bieber and a presidential candidate.
It doesn't really matter whose impersonation is better, mostly I'm just glad that our potential next president has a sense of humor and the ability to make fun of herself every now and then. It makes her a little more relatable, doesn't it?
Who ISN'T Amy Poehler friends with?! Other than, you know, me.. :'(
They're all over youtube
I love Kate. On a side note, her recent series of commercials for Ford Focus is hilarious.
Right @danidee she should give a little love to us mere mortals...she's the best!!
I haven't seen those yet @marshalledgar, I'll have to check them out! She's hilarious in every sketch.