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It's not a secret that women prefer taller guys.

Although it shouldn't, height matters. I mean who doesn't want to feel protected and safe in the care and comfort of a handsome guy hovering over you? I surely would. It's almost like being tall is a form of masculinity and it's expected. Short guys need love too, but it seems like all the loving is going to those men on the taller side. You can't help who or what you like.
Of course not every tall guy is going to be that prince charming we've been dreaming about, but he's out there somewhere. If you're not convinced just yet that taller guys are pretty amazing, let me be the first to explain five reasons why and change your mind forever.

Reason #1: Wearing Heels Is Never Questionable. He Will Still Be Taller Than You.

Reason #2: If your guy has a soft side, forehead kisses become a normal thing.

Reason #3: He immediately makes you feel safe and secure in his arms.

Reason #4: Looking up while he bends down and goes in for a kiss are just one of the simple pleasantries. It doesn't get much more romantic than that.

Reason #5: Being around someone taller than you gives you sort of a sense of pride. You want everyone to know that's your man and you're proud of it. It doesn't get much better.

Ladies, is a mans height a deal breaker for you?

From the guy perspective - I'm 6'2" and I've dated women who have been as short as 5'1" to as tall as 5'9"... and I've never really considered their height to be a factor in my attraction to them. As I've matured the very concept of physical attraction has played less and less in the formula of what I find most important in a potential lover. Chemistry is far more important to me than physical appearance. I've dated and been attracted to women who most men might not look at twice because they have been confident, intelligent, humorous, and passionate about life. Their height, the color of their skin, their hair, the shape of their bodies... all of these things truly do not equate in terms of my definition of beauty. Just thought I'd jump in and represent for men out there who are a little less shallow than typical - we do exist.
I'm proud to say I am so not some shallow man-child or little boy pretending to be more than he is. I will also openly admit that 25 years ago I was as shallow and conceited as most 20 year old young men typically will be; but the very definition of growing up is that we put childish things and childish behaviors away. I learned that I cannot personally be happy sharing my life with someone who is vain or shallow or devoid of any semblance of self-respect, intelligence, and a kind/loving heart. Quickly these character attributes became the only criteria that mattered to me. I truly do not care about the external stuff - the only exception is that I prefer for (everyone) to care about their health. I know plenty of women who take care of themselves and are healthy and are no where near the skinny model size that popular culture tries to sell as ideal. Genetics dictates what our natural states are... for people to fight what they were born with instead of celebrating it is very sad to me. Love who you are and realize that the goodness and value that you can potentially bring into the world and the lives of those around you has nothing to do with your height, dress size, skin color, or cup size. Any man who would choose to judge your value as a person using physical qualities as the criteria is lost and you should pity them... for they have chosen to ignore the most important and interesting parts of who you are - your heart, mind, and spirit.
That's so insightful @JonPatrickHyde definitely the way we should all start thinking about it. Beauty should be about character. Are you trustworthy? Driven? Kind? Patient? Those are the qualities that matter.
AHHHHHHH! Are you an angel because it's rare to hear a man say those things. I appreciate you so much for commenting on this card and breaking the barrier between how a boy carries himself and how a man handles himself. Your comment was nothing short of amazing. I appreciate the fact that you don't discriminate based on the outer appearance, but more so focus on what's inside and how a woman's mind works. I can say that although I do have preferences or prefer certain things, I too agree with you whole hearted-ly about what truly matters at the end of the day. YOU ARE DEFINITELY REPRESENTING! and you're doing a freaking good job. Keep showing woman the respect they deserve. you're the REAL MVP :) @JonPatrickHyde
@JonPatrickHyde a wise man you are! I hope all men 20 years down the line will be as wise and insightful. I definitely agree with you on the last part completely, judgmental guys are so not worth any woman's time at all. you have a beautiful mind, you should def chime in on the love and relationship community more often. We need a strong male voice :)
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