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It's not a secret that women prefer taller guys.

Although it shouldn't, height matters. I mean who doesn't want to feel protected and safe in the care and comfort of a handsome guy hovering over you? I surely would. It's almost like being tall is a form of masculinity and it's expected. Short guys need love too, but it seems like all the loving is going to those men on the taller side. You can't help who or what you like.
Of course not every tall guy is going to be that prince charming we've been dreaming about, but he's out there somewhere. If you're not convinced just yet that taller guys are pretty amazing, let me be the first to explain five reasons why and change your mind forever.

Reason #1: Wearing Heels Is Never Questionable. He Will Still Be Taller Than You.

Reason #2: If your guy has a soft side, forehead kisses become a normal thing.

Reason #3: He immediately makes you feel safe and secure in his arms.

Reason #4: Looking up while he bends down and goes in for a kiss are just one of the simple pleasantries. It doesn't get much more romantic than that.

Reason #5: Being around someone taller than you gives you sort of a sense of pride. You want everyone to know that's your man and you're proud of it. It doesn't get much better.

Ladies, is a mans height a deal breaker for you?

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@JonPatrickHyde a wise man you are! I hope all men 20 years down the line will be as wise and insightful. I definitely agree with you on the last part completely, judgmental guys are so not worth any woman's time at all. you have a beautiful mind, you should def chime in on the love and relationship community more often. We need a strong male voice :)
Everything You said is true. My handsome guy is 6'2" I'm 5' even its nice to always have him wrap his arms around me you always feel safe and loved
Sounds like the perfect scenario & the perfect combo of heights :) @2littlelegs
I love when my man is a bit taller than i am :)
I agree! there should be a slight difference in height :) @keribvby