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Rolling right on through the week, we're with Wednesday's Lyric of the Day.
This 27th installment of the series comes to us from Monsters of Folk, a great indie folk supergroup made up of some of the genre's best: Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis (of Bright Eyes), Jim James (of My Morning Jacket) and solo artist M. Ward. The song, "Temazcal" is from their only studio album to date, a 2009 self-titled record.
"Putting on my power, righteous as a rose
Dynamite the mountain, now I'm walking up the road
The love we made at gunpoint wasn't love at all"
I really like the duality in this lyric: rose/dynamite, mountain/road and of course love/gunpoint. This is, for me, the best song on the album. If you know these artists in their more famous roles as members/frontmen of those huge bands, it's really cool to turn this record on and pick out who gets the spotlight on any given song. They work together really well - this one features Oberst, with M. Ward pretty heavily involved in the background, too. A great track.
I think @VinMcCarthy might have some particular fun with this one - be sure to check out his Poem of the Day collection, in which he turns lyrics into poems.
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thanks for the shoutout! you can expect a poem later today for sure.