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I did not know about Eluphant until I heard their newest song "Only when you're bored" that was released yesterday, July 7th, 2015. They're a Korean hip-hop duo, composed of artists Kebee and Minos.
"Only when you're bored" is the title track of their latest comeback album, Man on the Moon. The track features SISTAR's Soyu and is about a girl who is waiting on a call from her boyfriend. Watch the MV below!
I love the jazzy tone of the song and the combination of Soyu's amazing vocals and Eluphant's rap. It perfectly conveys the story of the track. I get the feeling that the girl is trying to be carefree but is still impatient for that call. What kind of feeling did you get from the song and the MV?
Other artists featured in the album are Verbal Jint, Joo Young, P-Type, Kim Tae Woo and Kim Feel. I'm really looking forward to listening to the rest of tracks in "Man on the Moon"!
@PassTheSuga That's awesome! I like these kinds of songs but it's hard to find the groups because they're usually not very mainstream. I am so glad I found them! :D @christy Nice! I thought you might like it too! :)
I always like this kind of music. cool song. Kim feel is the man voice I like this guy and his songs alot
@poojas I love me sum Eluphant! I was obsessed with the song they did with Younha last year so I was so excited for this album to drop. I listened to the album preview and uuuugggghhhh it sounds amazing!
@MattK95 Ah, okay. Yes, I know how you feel about Sistar, haha! And yay, now I need to learn about girl groups AND indie groups AND hiphop groups! LOL
@PassTheSuga Thank you, thank you! I LOVED IT!!! Younha's voice <3<3 and YAY @kpopandkimchi, glad you like it! ^_^
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