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Chrissy's face is how we all feel! AWKWARD.

But it's all her fault. Why?
Well you see, Justin Bieber posted a picture of his bare butt to Instagram causing a media wave of hilarious memes regarding his behind. But obviously Chrissy couldn't miss that opportunity to show off her own husband's butt so she created a competition via Instagram. So now the Internet is in a frenzy over who's butt is better. I'm cringing.

Justin Bieber's Butt

And naturally with every butt pic comes a sea of memes...

John Legend's Butt

Chrissy was very careful to detail as to where she put her
So you have some extremely thirsty fans who are setting these pictures as their phone backgrounds as I type. There's also people like me who'd rather watch paint dry. But I'll still cater to the fans...


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I can tell you whose butt is better: Chris Hemsworth 😍
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