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But as more songs come out we learn them and FAST!!! thats how be come to learn korean words too ^-^
Ya that a bit of a problem, the companies they are in. Not everyone worries about wat comany they are but still would be great to know.
When they say they like kpop!!! ^-^
And they are like oh i only know Gangnam style.
So now they basically just ruined your day.
And you dont want to be nice anymore but you have to so the result ends up this way.
But you feel like saying this to them.
I get so excited when I can understand songs now that I'm studying Korean. Even simple words! It's really cool :)
@kpopandkimchi isn't it ! when ppl ask me if i know what it means I'm likee yess even tho its just a small part of the song hahaha
@kpopandkimchi cool! are you studying online or did you enroll for a korean class like in a classroom setup?
ahahaha so true
yes yes me too. Thou I learn alot from dramas I watch