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Muscle Shoals, a critically acclaimed documentary celebrating FAME Studios and its founder Rick Hall, is being made into a TV Series. FAME Studios, based in Muscle Shoals, Ala., is responsible for developing some of our favorite oldies.
The TV series will focus more on the city of Muscle Shoals and the political and cultural history of the once-segregated Southern area. The city seems to have a pretty rich and diverse musical history, eventually producing some of the world's best music.
I haven't seen the original documentary, but the series seems like it will be an interesting portrayal of several pioneering musicians who fought through plenty of adversity to become some of the best musicians of all time. It sounds like it'll also be an important history lesson, highlighting the culture and politics of a Southern gothic town.
Behind this series is the documentary's original director as well as a couple other big names, Johnny Depp and Richard Branson. The two are partnering to produce the drama series.
Music lovers, especially fans of the oldies, are sure to enjoy Muscle Shoals as it gives them a little insight into how some of their favorite songs were made.