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9-5 is a reality for a lot of people, and the minions are here to make sense of that. They're hard workers and will do anything for their job or boss. Here are a few things we have in common with the minions when we do our workdays. Bapoy!

1. Okay, so you arrive at work, and you're tired, but you're ready to get your job done.

Because minions love having a job to do, they're eager to please.

2. So you sit down at your desk and start working, but you realize you're out of water, or have to go to the bathroom. So you leave your work and go.

3. But when you return, there's like...a lot to do!

4. So you really get going, and you mean business today. Like, nothing is stopping you.

5. But you look at the clock and realize it's only like noon.

6. So you get out your banana or whatever and eat it, but not without some stares from your co-workers.

7. And you go through your day pretty normally, until someone asks you to do something you don't want to do like fix the copier or something.

8. And before you know it your workday is over, and you're leaving happy, because you've done a kickass job today! So run and tell that to your haters.

Job well done!
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this is My work day everyday ! lol