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Tone your body, boost your flexibility, and de-stress your mind with these 5 step-by-step yoga poses for all levels.

The Crow:

1. You want to start in a squat position.

2. Try and get your knees as close to your arm pits as possible.
3. Lean forward and release your heels off the ground.

The Tripod:

1. Slowly place the top of your head on the floor.

2. Keep your knees close to your body and release one knee onto your elbow.
3. Repeat on other side and hold this position.

The Scorpion:

1. Open up through your shoulders and pull up tall.

2. Slowly arch your back.
3. Bend your knees and draw your toes down to the ground

The Headstand:

1. Keep your core tight and release one leg into the air.

2. Release the other leg.
3. Keep the balance between your hands and your head.

The Forearm Stand:

1. Place your forearms onto the ground. 2. Keep your hands flat and kick up to a handstand.

3. Squeeze your butt and pull your abs into your spine and hold.

these are pretty advanced yogasanas. they are done by practitioners who have achieved expertise in yoga. they are not for all levels & should be performed under guidance of a yoga teacher.
Practice makes perfect @nilima!
all d poses may look like child's play....but its only come with regular practice.