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Since the release of To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick has been fixated on one goal: to become a good influence on the younger generation.
Since then, Lamar has spread good vibes across the nation. He made an appearance at a school that used his music as an educational tool and praised the poetry of young students. He was also honored as by the California Senate as a “Generational Icon.” Today, Kendrick expands his efforts by meshing in the world of fashion.
Hypebeast reports that Kendrick’s signature Reebok Ventilators will attempt to address inter-gang violence.
One shoe is themed red, the other blue, but the tongue of each shoe reads “Neutral.” The shoe was also inspired by violence that continues to grip Kendrick's home turf, Compton.
Let’s hope this shoe grabs kids attention and sways them away from gang violence. Can’t we all just get along?
Kendrick is the best! It's so important to have icons like him spreading these messages. Hope he keeps it up!
This is a really cool idea! I feel like a lot of anti-gang stuff is very condescending, and this doesn't have that vibe.