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On July 2, Japanese drink manufacturer Kimura Inryou introduced perhaps the weirdest beverage the soft drink world has ever seen – grilled-eel-flavored soda.
Grilled eel, or unagi, is a specialty dish in the Japanese prefecture of Shizuoka, where the company plans to start selling this "delicious" (uh???) cola on July 21. It'll cost around 200 yen (or $2 USD) a bottle, and will be available in stores and through their website.
The unagi flavor (with notes of soy sauce, I'm told) comes from the addition of eel extract. As in the extract from an eel. (?!?!?!?!)
I don't know about you, but you couldn't pay me enough to try this beverage. Usually I'm all about trying new things, but mixing FISH and SODA? That's one step too far!!! In fact, I need a Dr. Pepper just thinking about it... Would you try it??
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I just like torturing myself really.
@danidee I just want to know if I'm a bland, uncultured American, or if this sounds crazy to everyone!!!
but... why? Why would someone think "eel flavor" would taste good? I guess you never know until you try it...
@jokes I... I don't know. >.< But I just had a thought – maybe it tastes like "eel sauce." Have you ever had that, on sushi? It's a really sweet, nice sauce that doesn't really taste at all like eel. THAT I could imagine making a nice soda flavor, mayybee...
@allishaaff I've never had eel sauce, but I like sushi. that's a good thought though