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Vixx is coming to Orlando, FL! They will be show casing in the House of Blues So people near the area, buy your ticket (or if you are willing to travel to see them)! this was literally my face when I found out
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Aw man! I wanted to go to KCON but the one in LA but it's sooooo expensive. So many groups weren't going to go to the NY one so I ultimately decided that I wouldn't go... (well my wallet decided before me...) @StephanieDuong It's still going to be an amazing experience to see them in NY though! The mood will definitely be more intense so it should be more fun 😁
@yessiex3 I guess. haha. I'm not the hugest fan of girl kpop groups (there's only certain people I like), so I basically am going to KCON for VIXX and TEENTOP. But I hope you have fun and scream like crazy for all of us Starlights! (´∀`*)
ohhh idk which im im able to buy lol cuz theres not much difference between 170 and 210 .. but since im in ny and been here 2 weeks . i already did a lot of shopping .. im poor now ... i might have to ask for early birthday presents lmao
lol I'm not either. I prefer my guy groups ヽ(´▽`)/ there are very few girl groups that I like. I'll be screaming at the top of my lungs! ☆\(^ω^\) & Thank you very much! Enjoy KCON! @StephanieDuong
I hope they go to Disney while there hahahahahaha