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Holy peripheral device, Batman!

A little while back, I wrote a card detailing some of the wonders of emulating games.
Since then, it seems like the gods of videogames have heard of my love for emulating, and they have answered in kind. Pictured above is the Smart Boy, a peripheral designed by Hyperkin.
The device is designed to work with your smartphone and an emulating software. However, the device also makes steps towards remedying the issue of legality around ROMs by necessitating the use of an actual game cartridge as well.
The Smart Boy is going into production after a successful online campaign to determine interest, as well as a fruitful unveiling at E3. There is no release date yet slated, but it is certainly a piece of tech worth keeping an eye on.

Vive el Emulator!

@VinMcCarthy Gotcha! Thank you ;)
@k8wnba20 though it might not be iOS ready at launch
@k8wnba20 from what I understand, yes it should Because it runs with an on-board app, the case is effectively just a peripheral. though since it hasn't gotten any specific release details, I'm not 100%. I can't see why it wouldn't though.
@VinMcCarthy Do you know if it will work on all smartphones?
@k8wnba20 they make some truly dope stuff!
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