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Looks like Psy's next claim to fame will be in a mobile game. The star of Gangnam Style now has his own dancing character in Crossy Road, a frogger-style game that was released in November 2014. If any of you play the game, what do you think of it? I really love the style and design of the game. It's a cool alternative to the traditional Frogger.
Psy is one of the the 10 Korean mascots that were released with the latest game update (on June 25th, 2015). The other characters are Seoul Chicken, Jindo, Kimchi, Seonbi, Taekwondo Master, Korean BBQ, Korean Drummer, Pro Gamer and K-Drama Actor. Watch Psy talk about his game character below!
Andy Sum, the creator of Crossy Road, announced that the Korean update was made in recognition of Crossy Road's South Korean fans, since the game has gained much popularity there. Prior updates had themes relating to Australia, UK and Ireland.
Characters from this update can either be purchased or won from the Prize Machine. However, the only way to unlock Psy is to purchase him for $2.99 in-game and his character is only available until September 25, 2015. I haven't quite decided if I will buy it yet, but I definitely am enjoying the new characters, especially K-Drama Actor! Which characters are you looking forward to unlock?
Here's what Psy looks like in-game!