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So I just recently graduated from college. This means that I am still broke and after a long day of work, sometimes I would just rather order food and veg out in front of the TV then cook a full meal and then clean bad I am broke! Also I still don't have grocery shopping down pat yet. Somehow I end up with no food no matter how many times I go shopping! (If someone could explain that, that would rock.) Which is how the College Chicken Peanut Ramen was formed! It is the best of all quick and easy comfort foods!

And trust is life changing

Ingredients - 1 Package of Chicken Flavored Ramen - 2 spoonfuls of Peanut Butter - 1 piece of chicken And thats all! I told you it was easy! And cheap, it costs less then $5 bucks to make this meal.
Putting It All Together 1. First cook the chicken in a pan with a bit of oil! Season it however you want, some hot sauce, salt and pepper, garlic... The best part about this is it will all taste awesome no matter what spin you put on it. 2. Make ramen as directed! Add the seasoning and everything! 3. Cut chicken into bite size pieces and add to soup! 4. Take 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter and stir until blended into the broth! TIP- If you really wanna be fancy add some sliced scallions for some color!
The noodles and chicken will take on the peanut butter and taste DELICIOUS! I know it sounds weird, but everyone who I have forced to try it has loved it! So next time you're feeling a little to lazy to cook and way to broke to order food, try this out! Trust me, you'll love it.
I love taco bell lol but we only have three here and I'm always too far from them :)
@buddyesd ohhhh thats the struggle. I am a taco bell girl myself
I gotta settle for dollar menu at Mickey Ds lol
@buddyesd at least we're in this one together haha
lol sorry @LizArnone :) if it's any consolation I gots a mad craving too
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