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Alright Vinglers! It's time for another quiz. Find out if you've got what it takes to roll with the baddest of the good.

1. You're on your way to work, but a stranger catches your eye, they approach you and ask if you want to go on an adventure you...

a. Tell them to back off, they don't know you. b. Tell them no thank you, better to just leave it alone. c. Ask for more information, then have a good laugh about it d. get off the train immediately and go

2. Your co-worker insults your work, you...

a. Insult them back, they're obviously not as intelligent as you anyway. b. Ignore them, and continue with your day. c. Sabotage them in a private meeting with your boss d. Challenge them to a fight.

3. You're in line to get coffee and you notice that someone has dropped their wallet, you...

a. Look inside it to see if they have more money than you b. Give it to the cashier and hope it gets back to the right person c. Keep it d. Keep their ID, but return the rest of the contents.

4. You finally get home from a long day, what's the first thing you do?

a. Drugs b. Have a nice glass of wine and watch Netflix c. Call up your friends to go out on the town d. Get a hobby-like project done and then drink beer, a lot of it

5. The quality you look for most in a friend is:

a. Money, social standing b. The ability to deal with your weirdness c. Loyalty d. Ambition


Mostly A's:

Your Anti-Hero buddy is Jordan Belfort of Wolf of Wall Street. Although handsome, charismatic and loaded with money, he's a dick. You two would probably do douchey things like visit the Hamptons on your private yacht or whatever. If you are the kind of person who loves material things, money, cars, clothes, you and Jordan would get along swimmingly.

Mostly B's.

Your new partner in crime is Dexter! Now, this could be really cool or really disturbing depending on who you are. He keeps up appearances with even the kindest and most normal people around. He's a nice guy on the surface and you would do well to hang around with him. He'll defend you too. If he wants to hang out with you, then you've got a great ally in him, just don't secretly be a dick, because he will find out and he will kill you.

Mostly C's

Your new friend is Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange. He's violent, screwed up, young and completely lost, like most of us! So hey, hopefully you can figure out what's going on together. Stay on his good side because loyalty is the most important thing to him. Just watch out for that ultra-violence, it'll get you in trouble.

Mostly D's.

You can officially join my inner circle because your best friend and Anti-Hero companion is Tyler Durden! Tyler is a force to be reckoned with. He's enlightened, and he's dangerous, but so are you! You're a little bit on the weird side, but aren't we all? You get into hijinks and make mistakes, but it's all for the greater good. The only issue may be that...he might not be real. Are you him? Is he you? Who knows. At least he's your friend.
Who is your new partner in crime?
I got Dexter
I got Dexter lol
Dexterr Morgann! (:<
Tyler Durden ;0;
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