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Awww, here it goes! Kel Mitchell is returning to the network that made him famous with All That, then Kenan & Kel.
He's starring in a new Nickelodeon sitcom called Game Shakers, playing a rapper partnering with two 12-year-old girls to start a gaming company.
I remember Kel as the uncoordinated, orange soda-loving friend on Kenan & Kel, and I hope he brings his comedic talent to this show for a new generation of Nickelodeon fans to enjoy.
This show is going to be widely popular because it'll draw both young and old viewers. Nickelodeon is still popular among the younger generation, and '90s kids will return to reminisce about one of their favorite childhood characters. We'll be even more likely to watch if we're promised a Kenan & Kel reunion on the show!!!
K&K is a classic Nick show. Super dope that they bought him back in for another tv show, I'm sure it will do well
@christianmordi I think it'll do well too and I'd love to see the two reunite, but I actually heard somewhere that they had a falling out which is a bummer :(