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I'm crazy, I know. Meaking this hilot souo in a crazy hot summer day. But it's just so good and healthy. Recipe: Take your onion(s) - as much as you like it (I put half of one for two plates).Than rost it on coconut butter. After a fiew minutes, add chopped cauliflower (again, there are no measures, if you like cooking like I do, you make it different everytime you make it (haha lol). Roast both together for about 5 minutes, than add watter and a bit of salt. Cook it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Take your hand blender, and blend it all in. Add your spices: salt, pepper, persley, chive, celery (actually, almost everything green will work). And in the end, if you like it, add some saur cream (for a bit less healtier version, but much better to taste). That's it. Hope you enjoy making it and eating it. :)
Yum! You should put the recipe up!
I added the recipe, hope you enjoy it. :) @danidee