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I am kind of behind on Running Man on a few episodes but I can't believe I hadn't seen this /.\ I loved this episode. There was so much going on. Poor Verbal Jint lmao @PassTheSuga Have seen this? San E is such a child lololol
Have not seen it but I'm about to! Lol I heard about it but I had to wait for subs and you know how that goes e_e @aabxo
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I'm so late it's been out since the 27th -.-' @PassTheSuga
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Long enough for me to wait for subs and then forget that I was waiting for subs (´ヮ`) we should just learn Korean with all the time we waste waiting for subs.
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forgot the tag again @aabxo I'm slippin O_o
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I tried to but I'm not very consistent XD @PassTheSuga
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