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You know how it usually goes, you meet a guy, text for a couple weeks and then he sends you the dreaded 'come over and chill text'.

Well let's dissect this right quick. Back in the good old days, when someone said they wanted to chill -- they simply wanted to kick it. You know, relax, go to a local pizza shop and get to know one another. Fast forward two or three decades and a guy saying he wants to chill usually doesn't entail pizza or getting to know one another. But before I come off as judgmental, it's a known fact that not all guys are the same. There are some guys who genuinely want to chill and get to know you, but it's rare.
If you're just meeting a guy and his first suggestion is to watch movies at his spot, that's a bright red flag honey and I urge you to make a run for it. He's not the one. You're probably wondering what makes me so sure. I'm no love guru, but anyone in their right mind would question this guys motives. Why go watch movies at his house when:
a.) this is your first time meeting in person
b.) there are several movie theaters in the area
c.) you have yet to get to know each other on a more personal level
Either he takes you for a fool and thinks your a chick with absolutely no standards or he's run this game before and he's used to chicks being down like Brandy in 94'. It can be hard to read between the lines sometimes, but doing so can easily help you see what kind of guy you're dealing with.
There's nothing wrong with being the 'come over and chill chick' once you two have a mutual understanding or have made it past the friend stage, but why be that chick beforehand when you can easily be the 'get to know me chick', the 'I have standards chick', the 'I respect myself chick' and the 'I want more for myself chick'. If you let this be known from jump street, hopefully he will be gentleman enough to not even send you a text asking you to come chill -- but instead ask you out on a romantic date.
Respect yourself and if he knows what's best for him, he will respect you the same.