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Seriously. I just became active on here after the post about the tickets. At first, when I read about how to get them, I was bummed. I'm not the kid that gets internet points. But tons of you didn't close the app immediately and started posting like the determined, optimistic bunch you are. It's so cool reading this huge flood of posts and knowing the VIP fan base is as strong and huge as ever. Maybe it's because a lot of us are a bit older, but I would get along perfect with just about all of these people posting all this stuff about Big Bang - new and old - and everyone's so friendly and just excited for the comeback. Nice to see a bit of sanity with all the crazy anti-fan happenings lately. I'm so proud to call myself a VIP =]. TL;DR - You all are amazing. Thanks for giving Big Bang a fan base they can be proud of.
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good luck to you all amazing VIPs, everyone FIGHTING ajja!!! Oppas saranghae
so I keep liking and commenting but I get no points, what is going on? either way, I'm glad to be active on here again. I used to love this app then I changed my phone and forgot to download it. But now thanks to vips and BB I am back and loving it.
@thatkdramalover points you earn don't show up immediately, so you may have earned them, but it can take around a day for them to be added to your total :)
@mattk95 thank you for letting me know.
@thatkdramalover that's alright :)