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The Diary of a Teenage Girl is going to be one of those films that audiences will talk about for years on end. Even though the film isn't out just yet, the trailer stands out through its visuals and -- more importantly -- its content and narrative. The Diary of a Teenage girl does something that other coming of age films don't, it explores budding female sexuality in a way that's authentic, funny, and honest.
Most, if not all, coming of age movies surround themselves around a male protagonist and the females in the film only exist in order to serve his need/want of sex or a relationship. Honestly, the male protagonist in these movies usually don't learn anything about themselves or the people around them and that's problematic for a lot of reasons but mostly because it tells the male viewers in the audience that, maybe, they should act this way in their real lives.
The Diary of a Teenage Girl doesn't do that, it explores and puts a microscope on female sexuality (something most movies don't do at all). Even in the trailer it gives us a sense of growth and change, it lets us know as the audience that our protagonist is learning about herself and how she fits into the world she exists in. This whole film (including the cast and crew -- who are all mostly women) subverts our expectations about coming of age films. It's already an important film because it can help to empower or inspire young women who are in the audience. But what do I, a man, know about that the affect this film will have on women.
The Diary of a Teenage Girl will be in theaters on August, 7th 2015
Looks like it's going to be amazing. Giving Perks of a Wallflower and Juno vibes. Def have to go see.
The narrative in this feels so relate-able! There were WAY too many moments when I caught myself thinking "oh I remember THAT feeling" or "oh my goodness I can't believe I did that!" which rarely happens when I watch trailers. Thanks for the rec! I definitely wanna see this one :)