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caption: "this flower is called VIP. Wanna get hit.. i mean, smell it?" I actually joined yesterday, but I didnt post any proper intro of
you can call me Sunny, Sunflower, Sundae, Sunkist, anything with "Sun" basically. Thats me on july fourth.
I am 18 (ish) and I moved from Korea in early 07. I have been a fan of Bigbang from 08 so for over 7+ years now. I really got into them during their long break before Tonight. I've liked Bigbang and only Bigbang so far and my feelings about the boys have quite advanced and also matured to a degree of pride.
My bias is (and always will be) Daesung. i equally love other members except GD who i completely feel ambivalent about (another card topic). we have a love-hate relationship that he doesnt know about. Anyways.
I give fair chances to every group and I reserve my judgement of any group as much as possible. I know bits about a lot of groups and I am open to their music. I don't think I'll ever like a group other than bigbang though. I love kpop but I also love "korean music" which (for me) includes indie bands, solo artists, hiphop groups/rappers , '90s & '00s singers,.. etc
I hope to create a reaction channel, and I'm sure I can count on this warm community to support me and lead me to a successful path :)♡ thanks for reading this. Friend me if you don't hate me oh. i also love sherlock and doctor who.
Welcome to the Vingle K-Pop Community ^^
@poojas hahaha I agree. I love his eyes though so I hope he does something about that bang
@shjej5835 Don't worry. TOP will guide him everywhere he goes! LOL
Welcome!!! I will friend you :D Haha, Daesung's hair this comeback is the funnies thing ever! XD
Welcome! We're glad to have another member join our now giant kpop community!
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