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The key to discovering your ultimate purpose - the source of happiness - finding love - building success - in attaining your goals in life can be achieved through finding the path to self awareness.
Long ago I came to believe that most unexplainable/perplexing behavior (as exhibited by people I encountered) followed a pattern. Because we all share similar genetic and biological traits (unless the individual in question is suffering from psychological difficulties born of a malfunctioning central nervous system) - cause and effect in regards to human behavior is not near as complicated as it may seem.
When you look at every other species of animal on this planet (especially the higher primates - the group to which we belong) we alone have brains developed to the extent that allow the conceptualization of an altered reality and the ability to build technology to make these conceptualizations a tangible reality. We alone have dared to expand our dominion into environments that are impossible for other species to venture for we alone have the problem solving mental powers to create new technologies to safely bridge those otherwise impossible and deadly barriers. Our brains are marvels of evolution - capable of data acquisition, computation, and storage on an unprecedented level in the animal kingdom. Recently a Japanese supercomputer (K Computer by Fujitsu - Kobe, Japan) was able to map one (1) second of brain activity - that means it mapped electrochemical activity of an average human brain replicating a network of 1.73 billion nerve cells and 10.4 trillion synapses. This super-computer consisting of 700,000 processor cores and 1.4 million GB of RAM took 40 minutes to map that single second of information. The human brain is capable of processing the computer equivalent of one quintillion floating point operations per second. That is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 operations per second.
Without effort your brain is more powerful than the computer mentioned above by 2,400 times. Here's another way to look at it - your brain processes information 2,400 times faster than a computer with 700,000 cores (the computer/phone/tablet you are using to read this card at most may have 6 cores) and 1.4 million gigabytes of RAM because it took that computer 2,400 seconds (each minute consists of 60 seconds - 60x40=2,400) to replicate what a human brain did in one second.
Here's a few other comparisons between your brain and the K Super Computer - Your brain uses 0.0000628 megawatts per minute of thought. The K Computer uses 9.89 megawatts per minute of operation - enough to power 10,000 suburban homes.
Your brain is about 2.7 sq ft. in area if removed from your head and laid flat. The K Computer requires a facility with a total of 110,000 sq. ft - for housing of electrical, cooling, and processor hardware.
It is the staggering processing power of our brains that gives us the ability to imagine, create, and alter our Personal Realities, an ability no other species on this planet (so far) appears to share.
The key to accepting a new reality is the assimilation of new information. In learning something new or through defining parameters of something we are familiar with in new terms; we can move towards a new understanding of our place, actions, and their outcomes in both our Personal Realities and the Consensual Reality. I have come to believe and accept as TRUTH how powerful our brains/minds are in giving us the ability to envision, accept, and embrace new states of reality. This TRUTH is the foundation for everything I am going to share with you regarding finding your own path to happiness, fulfillment, and making your dreams come true.
The FIRST STEP ON THE PATH TO SELF AWARENESS is accepting that through the power of thought and its application in everything you choose, you can overcome any hardship or obstacle set before you... this is what our brains were designed for; problem solving.
If you cannot accept that through introspective thought and the development of a genuine self-dialogue that you can not only define your Personal Reality but you can change it, stop right here and read no further for you're not going to get anything useful out of these cards.
Introspective Thought - is the examination of one's own conscious thoughts and feelings. Introspection generally provides a privileged access to our own mental state and is not mediated by other sources of knowledge so that individual experience of our mind is unique. Introspection has been a subject of philosophical discussion for thousands of years. The philosopher Plato asked, "…why should we not calmly and patiently review our own thoughts, and thoroughly examine and see what these appearances in us really are?"
While introspection is applicable to many facets of philosophical thought it is perhaps best known for its role in epistemology. Introspection is often compared with perception, reason, memory, and testimony as a source of knowledge.
Self-Dialogue (often referred to as Internal Monologue) - Internal monologue, also known as inner voice, internal speech, or verbal stream of consciousness - thinking in words. It also refers to the semi-constant internal conversation one has with oneself at a conscious or semi-conscious level. Much of what people consciously report "thinking about" may be thought of as an internal monologue or a conversation with oneself (dialogue).
Given the two definitions above you may have deduced that I am a strong proponent of analyzing my own thoughts, feelings, and emotional state especially in relation to how these things affect my perception of reality; both Personal and Consensual. I also feel that the key to building a solid understanding of my introspective state is the ability to carry on a near-continual self-dialog regarding how my internal state/Personal Reality is affected by events in the Consensual Reality around me.
KEY CONCEPTS - INTROSPECTIVE THOUGHT & SELF-DIALOGUE - THE FOUNDATION OF THE PATH TO SELF-AWARENESS I want you to think about your current existence... the place (meaning state) - the level of satisfaction and/or disappointment you have in your daily life (physically, emotionally, socially, economically, mentally) you have right now for the totality of all of these states comprises your Personal Reality. What about the subjects mentioned in the previous sentence are sources of happiness for you? Which are sources of distress? In most cases each of these subjects will be a mix of both. Example - you may love your job and the people you work with but you are not making enough money and each month is a struggle to pay your bills. This results in you having mixed feelings due to the stress that your financial situation causes and conversely the happiness you experience when you are working. These states can become further convoluted and difficult to categorize because in the example above being happy or content with where you work and who you work with also plays into your state of social satisfaction (social meaning interactions with others). This means that in the example above your level of satisfaction regarding your economic state is also tied into your level of satisfaction regarding your social state of being. Which is a priority? Which provides more satisfaction? Or does any or all of the satisfaction garnered still not outweigh the negative effect of the financial stress you feel?
This is where introspective analysis and self-dialog becomes key to mapping out your personal priorities. The FRAMEWORK for analyzing the significance of any external event or influence that will affect your Personal Reality is built from the clear identification and classification of your personal priorities. <---- REMEMBER THIS - It's really important. I FEEL I SHOULD ADDRESS THE TERMINOLOGY I AM USING - There is a method and purpose for my choice of words. I have not consciously built my belief system on the backs of countless psychologists and their various theories and academic studies but the truth is none of what I am sharing here is new. I have walked through the grocery story of psychological and philosophical thought and picked the items that work for me. I don't need to understand the mechanics of the tractors on this or that farm to appreciate a wonderfully tasty apple. You don't have to understand the academic background and arguments both for and against this or that theory to know if in basic terms it sounds reasonable or it sounds like some far-flung attempt at wack-a-doodle-ness (I so want this word added to the dictionary - thank you Big Bang Theory). I am a pragmatic person. I go with what works. I do take the time to research and understand the deeper academic background in the concepts and theories I have chosen to subscribe to - but that doesn't mean I agree completely or blindly with their original authors. My application of Cognitive Dissonance Theory far exceeds the original definition and application. Most importantly I am not stating ANY OF THIS with the attitude or belief that I am right. Some of you may look at this and think it's all crazy psychobabble wack-a-doodle talk. Others of you may think some of it makes sense and the rest doesn't. Some of you may think I'm onto something, or perhaps I've explained things in a way that makes sense. Regardless it is all good. These cards outline what works for me. With this in mind I ask that none of you get bogged down in how I use certain words to define this or that concept. Especially if the words I choose are different than the accepted words normally associated with whatever concept I am discussing. For instance - The ACCEPTED academic/clinical terminology for what I call "Self-Dialogue" is "Internal Monologue". They have the same meaning except a monologue suggests that the conversation is one-sided. I believe that when we question ourselves we engage in an internal dialogue - a conversation between two or more individuals - we engage in thought that is more dynamic and ultimately useful in making healthy decisions/choices. This coincides with my belief and understanding that we can exist in multiple versions of reality at the same time. By thinking about a different path - a choice or decision that would alter our progress on our current path, we've created an alternate reality (in our own minds) that we can explore. When we actively make a choice that will result in real-world actions, setting into motion events that will change our reality and change our participation in the Consensual reality; the future reality that existed before we made the choice ceases to exist and a new reality takes its place as we move forward.
In the next card I will share strategies on how to take the massive bandwidth and computational power of your brain - integrating the concept of "the mind" - to identify and prioritize a set of core truths to serve as the foundation for your path to self-awareness. This exercise is more than theoretical; if applied with consistency to your everyday life you can unlock the doors to lasting and meaningful happiness.
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