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If Real Life Was Like Anime

THIS IS SO ACCURATE. All I can think of is how every single Dragon Ball Z character would respond in these situations...
That twinkle in the sky, tho. ^.^
Hahahaha @timeturnerjones I feel the same way!!! XD And yes @chandnip804 lolol it is a little scary... he did such a good job with the editing!!
@allischaaff, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that. And yes he really did a good job editing the video!
I have watched this vid every single time its been in my feed on fb or here at every hour (even now at like 4 freaking am haha) and every time i've been dying of laughter
Awesome video! However...the eyes... Just a tad bit creepy!!! Still funny!!!! Hahaha
I wish I could spontaneiously burst out anime eyes
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