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Hello! My name is Celine Tcha. I'm hmong and 17 years of age. When i was like 12-13 years old i liked big bang and 2ne1, but only because my aunts like it. Because at the time i was more into Anime than kpop. My other aunt from my mom's side , Pa Ying Lor (we're only 17 days apart teehee), was really into Exo as they just debuted. I wasn't really much into them at the time. I was more into their rival (at the time), B.A.P. My god i loved them so much! And i still do! They're music is always powerful and touching. And DaeHyun oppa was just to die for, come on you have to admit it. I actually didn't like EXO until "Growl" came out. And then i gradually started to like all their songs, lmao and then i just fell in too deep in the fandom. So yup EXO became a big part of my life..so far lol. But anyways you can say the band that got me into kpop was B.A.P. And i miss them so much! Here is a list ofy favorite groups: 1. Exo 2. B.A.P. 3. BTS 4. Seventeen (they just debuted but they definitely left an impact already) 5. Got7 6. Apink 7. IKON (i cant wait til they debut already!) and etc. because i like alot of groups! ♡ Here's my Bias List: 1. Lay (Zhang Yixing) ULTIMATE BIAS ♡ 2. Kai (Kim Jongin) BIAS WRECKER 3. Daehyun (Jung Daehyun) 4. V (Kim Taehyung) 5. Jason (Jisoo-Seventeen) Hansol (Vernon-Seventeen) *picking a bias in Seventeen is too hard but Jason would be the main 6. and the list goes on\(*T▽T*)/ * for Got7 now that is just a struggle Kpop will always have a hold on me. Kpop isn't just music anymore, its a way of life. During the hard times kpop was there to make me feel better. And thats just what Kpop is. Kpop is...life! ♡♡♡
I totally understand you when you say "it's a way of life" ... no parting from it now! = ̄ω ̄= but Welcome! (I'm new to this too!) but ENJOY the community!!
@CelineTcha It's nice to meet you, Welcome!!! ^^
It's nice to meet you :) Welcome to the community !! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
@yessiex3 lol thank you. welcome to the community too!! ♡