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Looking for a cool cocktail idea? Serve up drinks in light bulbs! That's exactly what they're doing over at Edinburgh's Lucky Liquor Co., a super-hip bar that's known for innovative cocktails. Don't these look so cool??
Meet The Megawatt! It's their #1 best-seller, for obvious reasons. One, you get to drink out of a light bulb, which is just so weirdly cool. And two, it's incredibly Instagrammable! (Ugh. Ignore me. I'm such a Millenial.)
If you want to know what's inside the bulb, here are the two different variations that Lucky Liquor Co. has served up.
The original Megawatt was made with Martin Miller's gin, Solerno Blood Orange liqueur, Cocchi Americano, elderflower cordial, citric acid, and sparkling water. I bet the citrus and floral notes go perfectly with the gin!
The currently served Megawatt 2.0 features Pisco, Noilly Prat vermouth, strawberry syrup, lemon juice, and orange bitters. Sounds yummy and summery!

Want to make your own lightbulb glasses? Follow the easy steps in the video below!

This video is extremely easy to follow, and shows you exactly what you need to do to turn a light bulb into an empty glass. Just skip the part with the LED light. It also shows you how to make a handy stand, which could be cool if you plan on incorporating the glass into a table setting, or if you want to use it as a vase. Otherwise, fill them with drinks and let them rest in a bowl full of ice until party guests are ready to pick them up (hint: it won't take long)!
This is sooooo cool!!!
love the creativeness here :D
Love this idea. A lot! I'd totally Insta this if it was in front of me
Ma god!
After watching that video, I kind of want to be the person who works here and has to prep all the lightbulbs. That looked bizarrely entertaining..
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