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안녕하세요! Since I'm new, thought I ought to say Hi. Ummm I'm ViVi and I like kdrop (kpop and kdramas XD) I am an adulting kpopper at 23 and I love SHINee, FTisland, Big Bang and BTS. I love a lot of other groups too like shinhwa and exo and f(x) and red velvet and history XD and I will listen to about anything haha. I love kdramas and will watch anything XD Kim Woobin and Choi JinHyuk are my actor loves so check out their stuff! I am a begginer in learning korean but I really love it if you want to have limited conversation let me know haha. So yeah I love this app and you guys seem so fun! 만나서 반가워요!
Enjoy some gif spammmmmmmmm
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I'm learning korean as well and when I was watching the new avengers in theaters I was like they're speaking korean! and then the next scene says Seoul, korea I'm like BAM!!! ^-^ 안녕 하세요! mine is very limited, I'm still working on the grammar
I like to keep them close.
I think Ive officially liked all your posts..... (no stalker)
@shjej5835 XD I saw and I love it! Stalk me all you want = P
@VixenViVi hahaha i will! your posts sre great! feel free to stalk me back :D