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I know. I know!
I've written about Leon Bridges in the past. And that should prohibit me from talking about him again, at least for a while.
But I'm not done yet, because as long as Leon Bridges keep doing things like A Take Away Show for French blog Le Blogothéque, I'm going to keep writing about him.
This just came out, like, two hours ago. So get it while it's hot.
@nicolejb and @danidee will definitely enjoy this...
I have been talking about Leon Bridges to my friends for quite some time now, this guy has a LEGIT buzz. If I remember correctly, he sold out Music Hall in BK on a solo show last month. A week ago he announced he was playing the upstairs of Webster Hall (holds 1000) sold that out in an hour. He's a song or two away from crossing over into the mainstream
Only JD McPherson of that group is familiar. Looks like i've got some new music on my plate today !
I can’t stop LISTENING to this man. The New Retro stuff is in! Other similar artists I’ve found... J.D. McPherson, Anderson Eat (his new album Deliah came out and it’s PERFECT) and then the girly version of this genre, Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds.
You’re welcome ;) @jeff4122
@christianmordi definitely. This album, his first, is really seriously awesome. He'll tour it for a year or so and I'm sure he'll churn out another one quickly after. Looking forward to seeing what his future holds.