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There's a new invention on the brink of greatness that will change every makeup lovers life.

If you're not a fan of packing the dishwasher, maybe you'll become a fan of the makeup brush washer instead. Talk about innovative and brilliant. Thanks to this Lilumia Brush Washer washing your makeup brushes will be a breeze and you won't have to lift a finger except to press start. Are you sold yet? I surely am.

But wait...there's more.

For an amazing retail price of $149 -- this product will save you both time (washes brushes in 15 minutes) and the hassle of individually washing each and every one of your makeup brushes (washes six brushes at a time).
If your brush collection is massive or close enough, make sure you order your very own self washer on August 7 at

Ladies, what do you think -- would you invest?

Good question @jordanhamilton. Honestly, unless you've got a good set of brushes--and you should--then you need to take care of them. If you putz around with what I consider disposable makeup applicators, then this is a waste of money. But for the budget conscious and makeup lover, DON'T FORGET THAT JULY 15TH IS AMAZON'S 20TH ANNIVERSARY WITH PRICES LOWER THAN BLACK FRIDAY. You might be able to steal this for half price. It's a 24-hour-only flash sale.
Definitely agree @Tabbi! It takes both time and patience and the drying process sucks
I think it's great! washing your makeup brushes is nerve wrecking sometimes
I've seen 1 million cards on Vingle about the wonders of baking soda. Maybe a diy on cleaning would be better. LOL @mikayla posted this a couple months ago
WOAAAA this looks crazy but I'm sure it saves so much time and money!! i bet it'll make your brushes last longer too
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