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When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. Well, this board game might be a little less dramatic. It's a game of Game of Thrones!
Risk: Game of Thrones edition is a board game in which each player competes for the Iron Throne. True to the show itself, the game sounds fairly complicated with 650 pieces and almost 30 characters. Each player chooses one of the seven Noble House armies and then gets to use the battle skills of the four most powerful members of that house.
I think it's obvious that the Daenerys Targaryen card is going to be in high demand because, uh, dragons.
This is an unsurprising move by the Game of Thrones franchise after the success of Game of Thrones monopoly in which the Lannisters are always paying their debts.
Risk is all about world-domination, which is pretty much the end goal in Game of Thrones, so the two seem like they will fit together perfectly.
The board game comes out in August for the low low price of $75.
@LauraFisher yes very expensive, but I love it though. lol
omg I was praying this wasn't a spoof
@k8wnba20 nope, it's totally real (and totally expensive)