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You got dumped. It sucks. You've already eaten several bowls of mac n cheese and you've been wearing the same sweatpants for three days, but nothing will take your mind off it. I've got something that will - TV!!! Here are some great shows that you can escape into while trying to mend your broken heart.
New Girl is one of the most positive shows on TV and Jess Day's sunny disposition is guaranteed to cheer you right up! If that doesn't work, it'll remind you of how great your friends are. Maybe it'll even inspire you to call yours up to vent about the breakup (or ask them to come lay in bed and watch Netflix with you while you cry).
Breakups can put you in a bad mood, and there is no one more snarky than the Always Sunny friends. If you need to listen to some insults and insensitive jokes, turn on this show to see what politically incorrect thing the gang is up to this time. I highly suggest the high school reunion episode - you'll laugh, but you won't cry.
Sometimes after a breakup you need a little tough love, and there's no one better to give it to you than Ron Swanson. He drops words of wisdom in every Parks and Rec episode that will help you move on from the jerk that dumped you. If he doesn't help, Leslie Knope's positivity and constant compliments will make you smile.
Nothing will make you feel more independent than watching two independent ladies take on life together. This show might have a little more romance in it than others listed, but if you think you can handle it, Stars Hallow is the perfect escape from your breakup.
Sometimes breakups make you pissed off, and for that, we need a little violence. Game of Thrones will provide you with more than a little violence. Also, you'll be too busy trying to figure out who's a Lannister and who's a Stark to think about your ex.
Any of these shows will help (especially after you've had a couple glasses of wine), so grab some tissues, some comfort food (check out @LizArnone's card about the best breakup food) and your computer charger because you've got some binge-watching to do. Staying distracted is key in a breakup, and after hours of TV, you're just one step closer to forgetting about that ex! Stay strong.
@LauraFisher haha yes or some Real Housewives.
@JordanNash you're so right, I forgot about reality TV. I would def turn on Jersey Shore to feel a little better about my situation hahah.
YES Ron Swanson is amazing for a breakup! Sometimes, some good trashy reality TV is good for just being happy that you aren't living their lives haha
yep @LizArnone everyone needs Ron Swanson's blunt advice every now and then!! Ugh yes, Gilmore Girls are the perfect independent women, definitely necessary for a breakup
All i need is Ron Swanson to knock some sense into me...and obvi some gilmore girls because their everything i want to be and more lol