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3am, Ian stumbles haphazardly into the fast food joint a block away from the grungy dive bar he'd been in for the past six hours. He was too drunk to notice it himself, but he reeked of cheap whiskey and stale cigarette smoke. Thankfully, the space was mostly empty, except for the workers behind the counter and an older couple in a booth in the rear.
Inside the 'restaurant', he had to blink and rub his eyes for a minute, clearing the pain of the sudden fluorescent glare from his frontal lobe. The bright glow of the overhead lights screamed into his retinas, the backlit menus displaying different assortments of chicken and beef, the reflective covers on the cushioned seats all beamed light, too much light.
Once his seared eyes managed to settle down, he managed to drag himself to the counter at the front of the establishment.
"What'll you be having?" droned a strangely familiar voice. Blurred vision and all, it was hard for Ian to determine who it was, but he recognized dimly the voice.
"Do I *hic* know you?" he asked, suppressing hiccups as best he could.
"I'm sorry, sir. I don't think so." the voice said.
Things were clearing up now, though. Ian started to make out the details of the person he was speaking to.
"Sister Larkin? Is that you?" bewilderment.
The woman behind the counter was visibly startled. "Uhh, may I take your order, please, sir?"
It clicked then. That sir. He knew immediately who this was. Dressed in her bright yellow uniform with complementary white apron, he hadn't been able to recognize her. It was the brightest thing he'd ever seen her in.
"Sister Larkin? Do you work *hic* here now? What happened to St. *hic* Augustine's? When did you start slingin' burgers?" a struggle of a sentence, but he eked it out.
The woman behind the counter was shaking now. A manager came to the counter, asked if there was a problem. She said that this man was drunk, and asked the manager to remove him.
As Ian was escorted out, he saw her clutching her crucifix.
This was my response to the Flash Fiction prompt I posted yesterday! Tried to really emphasize the little details here while still building a readable narrative.
I hope you enjoyed it!
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What!! this detail is awesome and the addition of hic* is perfect. But i need to know moreeeeeeee ughhhhhhhhh is he in purgatory WHY IS SHE THERE ?